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My area of expertise is finding exceptional opportunities on the primary market and handling my clients' rental flats. I deal with every client exactly as I would like to be personally treated - with respect and professionalism. I do my best to understand all your needs, choosing the right sales strategy for each individual transaction. My first priority is your happiness and quick transaction completion. With my warm and friendly approach and involvement, I acquire and build long relationships with my clients. At work I mainly focus on reliability and I make every effort to make the parties of the transaction feel safe and comfortable.

I aim at getting to know the client's wishes and requirements in order to carry out the process of selling, buying or renting a property in a responsible manner. The biggest satisfaction comes from realizing your expectations and long-term cooperation. As for my private life, I love sport, to which I dedicate every free moment. My hobbies include Formula 1, snowboarding and kitesurfing. Apart from sport, I enjoy travelling and cooking.
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